2hearts ministries is a faith-based ministry by David McFarland. It came into being as a result of illness.

David was Pastor of Moira Baptist Church, Northern Ireland. He also lectured part-time in the Irish Baptist College. He has experience in Church planting, was an evangelist, specialising in children's evangelism and has years of experience in training workers among children.

Since December 2001, when he was diagnosed with heart failure, David has been unable to continue his active Pastoral ministry. He is waiting to receive a heart transplant but seeks still to minister to others through the internet.


His web ministry takes a number of forms.

  • In December 2002 he began the 2hearts spiritual support website that has impacted on many lives around the world. Each day, health permitting, he ministers to people around the world who are facing the trauma of heart illness. Many children and adults benefit from the ministry of 2hearts.
  • 2hearts Bible ministry allows David's public ministry to be shared with others. His Bible teaching notes and training notes for those involved in the evangelism of children, are now available on a new web site.
  • 2ireland allows David's photographic hobby to be shared with others. He has always had an interest in photography but illness restricted it. Now some better health and the gift of new equipment, has given him the incentive to again enjoy his hobby.  His web site is not merely to display his photographs but an attempt to get viewers to see the Glory of God in the wonders of creation. Each page uses Bible verses to accompany the pictures.
  • 2hearts Graphics produces web page graphics for other heart support sites such as www.hearts-to-hearts.com in Australia.
  • Another ministry is the production of PowerPoint presentations for Missionaries on deputation, for Bible lessons and sermons and for songs and choruses. He also gives training in IT to individuals serving the Lord.
  • DVDs are produced as a tool for witness. These present photographs of Northern Ireland with Music and Bible texts in a very attractive format. see http://2ireland.org for details
  • David has been webmaster for the Moira Baptist church website since it was launched in 1999. He continues that service. During his illness he has designed and maintains web sites for a number of ministries in which he has a vital interest. These include or have included:
        Duncan Academy, Raxaul in India,
        Christian Care Trust, Romania
        Acre Gospel Mission
        Moira Worldwide Missionary Convention
        Child Evangelism Fellowship Book Ministry
  • David has served as a voluntary webmaster consultant to a number of churches seeking to build their own web sites or needing help to get started with their Web ministry.

This new 2hearts web site is designed to bring all his own web sites together for better hosting and promotion services at a very affordable price.

David's ministry is voluntary, trusting the Lord to meet the needs and to give him strength to carry on this ministry. He is deeply grateful to his own church and to a small number of friends whose generosity make 2hearts ministries possible. He is also grateful for the expertise and hosting facilities that make this ministry possible. http://nihost.co.uk

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