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January 1st 2010

Turnu church

STOP PRESS: October 09

The really exciting news is that a date has been set for the opening of the new church. It is planned for April 18th 2010. What a thrilling day that will be. God has wonderfully supplied the need. Thank you for all your prayers and practical support. We would like to invite you to join the church on that special weekend. Please contact us if you would like information.


September '09 Photos

Front will have glass panels

Outside is Plastered and windows installed (and workers on the scaffolding safe!)

Interior still needs to be plastered

March / April 2009

Thang you all

You prayed for team safety!

Floor ready for concrete; wiring almost done!

The job well done


December 2008

1st July 2008

Young and old, female and male; semi-skilled and unskilled; Pastor and people building together.

Latest: 20th May 2008

A long cold winter has prevented much work by the Church in Turnu and now the weather has turned extremely hot. But the walls are nearly complete and soon they hope to get the roof started. At present a balcony is being erected and basement toilets are being completed. It is quite incredible to think this is all being done by church members; male and female; old and young. Digging out the basement is done with spades; concrete is mixed on site and carried up ramps to pour the balcony floors - in temperatures sometimes reaching 35 °C.

It is still too early to say if the opening is possible this year but sometime soon these dear brothers and sisters will have the building they have dreamed of for years.

Basement toilets

Ready to pour the Balcony floor

Latest: 10th April. 2008

We are getting busier with the Easter holiday getting nearer, and as I said on the phone, we would like to have a few evangelistic nights the week before. We pray that people will respond and that they will be more willing to hear God's Word at this time of the year.

We have also started work at the new church in Turnu. Since we had a few nice days, we began to dig the basement where the toilets are going to be. We are moving slowly, but surely, as the weather is still very changeable.

Latest: 3rd Jan. 2008

Let us first wish you a Happy New Year and may this year bring you only joy, happiness, health and God's rich blessings upon you and your entire family and church.

Here is the news about the way we spent the holidays. For Christmas, we went carol singing in Traian, Turnu and Segarcea. We usually go to friends, people from the church, the hospital, the Old People's Home. Everybody was pleased to see us and hear us singing about the birth of our Lord Jesus. We also had a nice program at the church. At New Year's Eve, we stayed at the church in Turnu. It was 27 of us, mostly young people (married and not married). we had a great time together, singing, praying, reading the Bible, watching the fireworks, playing games. We stayed until 9 am (children included).

I don't know if you have watched the external news lately to see that Romania is under snow. Here, in Turnu Magurele, it has snowed continuously for 30 hours and the snow now measures 1.2 meters high. Everything is under snow. You can hardly see the cars and the roads that link Turnu and the other towns are closed. And this is the situation in the whole Romania. No flights coming in or leaving Romania either. But the view is fantastic. The trees are full of snow and everything looks like in a fairy tale.

Well, this is about all that's new with us. We are sorry we have no pictures to send you.

We wish you again a blessed year and may God help us finish what we have started together. We keep praying for you. Please, do the same for us.

George and famiily

News 25th November: The walls are built!

It is astounding to think that God has sent us £15,672 in 7 months. We thank everyone who has contributed so generously.

The Church has begun the building project in Turnu Magurele. The demolition of the old buildings has been completed, the new foundations are in and the site levelled. It is hoped building work will commence very soon and the roof on before winter. The project has been delayed by the authorities asking the Church to provide proof that five or six neighbours are happy to see a Church constructed on a residential street. God has given the church favour with the people and all agreed. The Cultural Dept. has just given permission and the building work has begun ib earnest. The work is all being done by the Pastor and his members. George tells of great fellowship in the work and enthusiastic commitment by everyone. On Saturday 10th Nov. they were erecting the steel work for pillars to support the roof. Even the “sisters” were heavily involved. Many of the church members are elderly but they are as enthusiastic and hard-working as anyone, eagerly wanting to see their dream fulfilled. It is such a privilege to be able to help them in this way.

Please pray with them for the winter not to come too early. They pray God might grant favourable weather to allow them to have the roof on before the worst of winter arrives. Pray for the safety of all the workers and for God’s blessing to be upon them in their families and daily employment. Pray that the rising building will create an interest in the community that will lead to opportunities to speak of Christ. Pray that there are no further hindrances. This is the first new church building (that is not Orthodox) in Turnu for as long as anyone can remember. Pray for the witness of our brothers and sisters.

Below are some pictures taken in August when a team of young people from Northern Ireland (who went out to help at Camp) spent a couple of days helping on the site.

Come on boys. Let's get to work


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