2hearts project

To raise enough funds to help erect a Church building for the Roma community at Odoreu, Romania.

In January I began this 2hearts Project to raise £10,000 to help build a place of worship and witness in the gipsy village of Odoreu in Northern Romania. As I anticipated, the figure I was given was short of what was needed; in fact quite a bit short. But other agencies and individuals are involved and have donated generously directly to the project. I am delighted to tell you that 2hearts ministries has been given over £4000. Most of it has come through personal gifts but more than £2000 was donated in memory of the late Mrs Patricia Patterson of Ballinderry. Pat took a tremendous interest in all aspects of church and missionary work and she and Adrian requested that donations should go to Odoreu. What a blessing it was to know Pat and to know that her legacy lives on.

Work began on site on 8th March and progress has been very impressive. Remus Oanta, the Pastor of the parent church in Satu Mare has two brothers who have been in charge of the construction. They have used local villagers as labourers. It took a little patience at times but the brothers set such a good example. What a real witness at 7 am each day to see everyone praying in the street before work began! The men of Odoreu worked so hard and God kept his hand on them; there were no accidents. This involvement also gave the villagers a chance to learn some building skills. They were paid and had a meal prepared by Remus' wife who undertook to teach the women how to prepare for such numbers. Most of those people normally survive by scavenging at the local refuse dump for food and for items they can sell.

Some believers from USA are hoping to come in the summer to put on a roof and fit doors and windows at their own expense. So it is hoped the official opening will take place in July or August.

Already the shell of the building is being used for services and Dr Hamilton Moore has been conducting a mission with many attending and real evidence of God at work. Radu lives in a shack on land next to the site. He is not a believer but has been employed on the project. When he got into financial difficulty he was helped from the fund because unscrupulous individuals hoped to take over the adjacent land. Radu has been attending the meetings. The other day he came early to the site and discovered a hen inside which has just an egg. Normally both hen and egg would have been taken home! But Radu returned both to the owner. The mother of one of the believers, who was greatly opposed to the church and the building, has come to know the Lord and is asking to be baptised. Another older lady also trusted the Lord.

Please pray for these new believers and for the church. There are many issues to work through such as relationships and civic responsibilities. Getting married before baptism and church membership involves applying for identity documents, birth certificates etc. This takes much time, knowledge of the procedures and also expense. We are grateful to Pastor Remus' wife who will oversee this. It has been agreed that money from the Odoreu fund be used to help with this.

Pray with us for a successful completion of the project. Dr Moore has been given a considerable amount of bathroom  equipment, seating, an organ and other useful items and these have been transported to the area. Condtruction work will continue, as finances are available but at the moment funds have almost dried up. It has been estimated that it will take another £15000 to complete the project. I am praying that we will still reach our £10,000 target before the summer. Within days we will be sending more money and bringing our donation up to £5000.

When God is at work Satan will always seek to hinder and we have witnessed that in Odoreu. I have already mentioned the attempt to acquire land. In addition unbelievers are being stirred up to cause great disturbance outside some of the services and are seeking to hinder the Gospel with curses and mockery. These are not easy days for a fledgling church. Pray they will grow strong in their faith and resist the attacks of the evil one.

I am truly delighted to have your fellowship in this project. A huge “Thank you” to everyone who has helped in any way. We are still open to receive donations, large or small. This is a personal project of ours but it has the support and practical assistance of Christian Fellowship Trust of which I am a trustee. Any contribution should be sent to me at the address on this letter and cheques made out to: Christian Fellowship Trust – 2hearts project.
All gifts will be acknowledged quickly and forwarded without deduction to the project in Romania. 

Further information, photographs and videos are available on http://tellromania.org and also on the church Facebook page. Biserica Baptista Emanuel Odoreu

I am very excited at seeing another new building for the glory of God in a very needy part of Romania. I thank you again for your fellowship and particularly for your prayers.

May the Lord be pleased to use us together, with our brothers and sisters in Romania, to glorify His Name and spread His Truth in 2012.

Praise the Lord we have received more than our original target of £10,000


STOP PRESS: 20th July 2012 - the first part of the project is opened


New church building


Odoreu church



Hamilton Moore in Odoreu

If you have questions Contact David


The believers had their first service within the walls of the new building at Easter 2012


Odoreu service




Below are some photos and videos to give an impression of church life in Odoreu

Village children
Joseph's home and family prior to their conversion

New convertsFollowing the Good Shepherd - Joseph and his wife
Odoreu church
The little church gathered
Preaching in Odoreu
Dr Hamilton Moore preaching in Joseph's home
The Lord's Supper in OdoreuThe Lord's Supper in Orodeu

Odoreu baptism
First baptism service in Odoreu
Funeral in OdoreuFuneral for Joseph's father
Work begins on the building site
Land in Odoreu
Viewing the land for a new building

Prayer at the new site
Praying on the new site
FencingFencing off the site New site in Odoreu
The building presently on site
OdoreuGathered at the present building on the site

Purchase land
Paying for the new land
Pamela with the children of Ororeu There is a great need for a ministy to scores of children and young people - a new building would assist in this.

Church plans

Draft plan for a purpose built building - or multi-use- so that it could be help the community in various ways. This will help the people to understand that the church is there to help them and above all to bring the good news to them. STOP PRESS: Plans just approved by the authorities 2nd January.

Christmas in OdoreuChristmas gifts for the children

Pamela in Odoreu
The children in Odoreu love to meet Dr Moore's daughter, Pamela.
Pray for the church's witness in the village
A gift of piglets to help with food and income
A gift of piglets to help with food and income
Google earth viewle Remarkable satellite images of the community are available on Google Earth at this location
47°47'22.33"N 22°59'30.24"E
(copy and paste the above into Google Earth search box to be taken to the site.)

Believer in Odoreu
One of the converts on the left with her home in the background