2hearts ministries is a faith-based ministry by David McFarland. It came into being as a result of illness. David was Pastor of Moira Baptist Church, Northern Ireland. Since December 2001, when he was diagnosed with heart failure. David has been unable to continue his active Pastoral ministry. He is waiting to receive a heart transplant but seeks still to minister to others through the internet.

LATEST: David's book "Footprints over Moira" is now in print, online and on Kindle.

DavidHis web ministry takes a number of forms.

2hearts ministries assists some ministries to have better hosting and promotion services free or below commercial rates.

David's ministry is voluntary, trusting the Lord to meet the needs and to give him strength to carry on this ministry. He is deeply grateful to his own church and to a small number of friends whose generosity make 2hearts ministries possible.

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A friend in ministry invited David to share his story of God's grace in his life on video. Follow this link to view


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